JELT Constructive Builders Ltd are the leading installers of roofing materials to London's evolving iconic skyline. 

We have developed techniques for dealing with the challenges that the construction of highrise buildings require, whilst also contracting on low rise and medium commercial developments. 

During the last 18 years the roofing industry has had to meet the need of many changing and challenging conditions for which there are wide variety of roof specifications which are tailored to each client's individual requirements.

We to have adapted to these challenging conditions, with the use of both cold applied solutions and hot membranes, together with new concepts such as the complete Green Roof System and landscape finishes. 

All our operatives are highly skilled, trained and certified in the products to which we apply. 

Design criteria is an important element when considering the many types of specifications available.  Our clients require many varying aspects from a flat roof design, for example the installation of plant, M&E equipment, roof patios, and window cleaning kits.  Early consultation is therefore paramount when undertaking the design aspect.  Our Architects and Designers work actively with our clients on all these elements in providing the best practical solutions for the chosen membranes.



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